Guardianship Program

There are times an incapacitated adult is in need of a guardian but has no family or friend that is able to serve in that capacity. Brazos Bend Guardianship Services may be able to serve as the legal guardian in these circumstances.

NOTE: BBGS’ Guardianship Program may be at capacity with the number of clients we can serve in this program so there are no guarantee BBGS can be appointed as the guardian. 

The Guardianship Program is only available in Fort Bend County

Brazos Bend Guardianship Services is appointed by the courts to serve as the legal guardian (initial or successor) to incapacitated adults who need a guardian but have no family that is willing or qualified to serve in that role.  Serving in the role of a guardian is a life long commitment.  In order for Brazos Bend Guardianship Services to consider a potential client for the Guardianship Program, the client must have the following:

  1. Legal residency in the United States and live in Fort Bend County
  2. A source of income
  3. A form of health insurance.  
  4. Be willing and able to live with a state-licensed service provider such as a Home and Community-Based services (HCS) Provider or a state-licensed health and rehabilitation provider. 

How is a referral made to the Guardianship Program? 

A. Contact Brazos Bend Guardianship Services at 281-232-7701 to discuss the situation and find out if BBGS has the ability to take any new clients at this time.

B. If a facility is making the referral, the facility needs to follow the Court Initiated Guardianship Process found on the Court Initiated Guardianship Process Page of the BBGS website.

C. If a family member guardian is wanting BBGS to become the possible successor guardian, the family will need to retain an attorney at their own expense to start the successor guardianship process.