Guardianship Financial Assistance Program

For families that live in Ft. Bend County and it’s been determined that guardianship is the only alternative to ensuring the protection and well-being of the individual (also known as the ward), the guardianship financial assistance program may be available.  Qualifications for this program:

  1. A potential ward and guardian must reside in Ft. Bend County and they must be biologically related or have legally adopted the child.
  2. Potential ward must be at least 17 years and 6 months of age
  3. Potential ward must be incapacitated – verification required by a licensed medical doctor.  If the diagnosis is an intellectual disability, verification can be done by a licensed psychologist that conducts intellectual disability assessments.
  4. Income eligibility – The financial assistance program can help families that are up to 300% above the poverty level.
  5.  Only seeking guardianship of the person. The financial assistance program is not able to help with guardianship of the estate cases.
  6. Potential guardianship must be non-contested.  This means that no one will object to the potential guardian becoming the guardian of the ward.
  7. The potential guardian must attend an Information Session hosted by Brazos Bend Guardianship Services before submitting an application.  Visit the Information Sessions Page to register.